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Auto Inspections and Factory Maintenance in Oceanside, California

We welcome residents of Oceanside to take advantage of our exceptional results at Westcoast Auto Service. With over 25 years of experience in business, we have provided residents with the best auto maintenance services in the area.

Established in 1990 our family owned business provides residents of Oceanside with fast and affordable solutions to their car care needs. With services such as tire alignment, oil and lube, as well as factory maintenance there is no comparable team.

Each of our licensed mechanics is sure to provide you with the most honest results. With our years of experience we have been able to provide residents with fast turnarounds and dependable solutions.

Has your car recently been “pulling” you while driving at fast speeds? We provide affordable solutions to your wheel alignment needs. We inspect all hang gauges to make sure they are in spec.

We check your vehicle for worn parts, or issues that may arise in the near future. Our team of experts provide you with the best auto maintenance services.

Our factory service maintenance solutions suggest that you receive routine maintenance to maintain a healthy and properly functioning vehicle. With each service we provide you with fluids, flushes, and belts to ensure the best results.

At Westcoast Auto Service we ensure to provide you with the best manufacturer specific services, and will provide you with a courtesy check to keep up on issues. Rest assured that when you choose Westcoast Auto Service for your car maintenance needs.

Speak with one of our friendly associates today and learn more about our top quality results, and incomparable prices. We provide the best wheel alignments, oil changes, fluid flushes, and factory maintenance services

If you are a resident of Oceanside call Westcoast Auto Service today and schedule your vehicle maintenance today. We ensure to provide you with the best results, and fast solutions.

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